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Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Non-surgical anti-wrinkle treatments are becoming more popular because they are a quick, painless and safe way to look younger – a great idea if you’re thinking of having a makeover. The results aren’t permanent, so they are the perfect option for anyone feeling dissatisfied with their anti-wrinkle cream who hasn’t tried facial aesthetic treatments before.

You might be wondering why a dental practice would offer cosmetic treatments that don’t involve your teeth. It’s a good question, and here’s the answer: dentists spend their entire careers giving their patients injections in the most sensitive area of the body, the mouth.

They are experts in the dynamics of the face as it’s all they ever work on, and they are highly trained clinicians (all dentists get the title of doctor when they qualify). They work to the same clinical standards as doctors in hospitals, yet they focus solely on making your smile as attractive and healthy as it can be.

So really you couldn’t find a better expert to get Anti-wrinkle treatment with than your dentist, and at Lawson’s Dental Care we’re really looking forward to showing you how we can take years off your face with subtle adjustments that complement your natural features. Contact your nearest practice to arrange your free consultation.

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